Introducing a new approach. Marketing-as-a-Service

What is “as-a-service” In recent years, the IT industry, has been moving to an “as-a- service” model. Companies paying for their IT in much the same way as they pay for their mobile phones and utilities. A company pays for what it uses and can scale as required, hence becoming more agile and cost effective cost. This got[…]

Marketing - Friend or Foe

Marketing – friend or foe?

Fans of 2012 and W1A will remember Perfect Curve, a parody of marketing & PR agencies. And who could forget Siobhan Sharpe’s continual and unintentional one liners. “If we get bandwidth on this…you’ve got maple syrup on your waffle from the get go.” Siobhan Sharpe, Perfect Curve, W1A For those of us in marketing we[…]