Introducing a new approach. Marketing-as-a-Service


What is “as-a-service”

In recent years, the IT industry, has been moving to an “as-a- service” model. Companies paying for their IT in much the same way as they pay for their mobile phones and utilities. A company pays for what it uses and can scale as required, hence becoming more agile and cost effective cost.

This got me thinking. Earlier this year I wrote about how the latest world recession has made us more critical of functions such as marketing. In turn this means that more than ever marketing needs to demonstrate true value, as businesses prioritise spend in the areas that deliver tangible benefits.

IT, the Early Adopters

The “as-a-service” model is proving highly successful in the IT sector. In 2015 the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) reported Cloud adoption rates stood at 85 per cent. The key drivers of success being the ability to more easily control both growth and costs. This model works for marketing.

What if there was a solution that offered a range of marketing services as and when you required. A service that enables you to grow your business and pay for what you use? Marketing-as-a-Service.

The challenge for marketing

Over the past fifteen years I’ve seen the challenges facing smaller businesses. For many the cost of hiring an expensive marketer or agency can be prohibitive. This is especially true when looking for not only an individual who can handle the strategic level analysis, but who can roll up their sleeves and get on with the job in hand.

“OCD Marketing offers us the agility, cost effective and risk free approach we need. They enable us to maintain our marketing presence and drive market penetration as required, we are in complete control. Our market awareness has undoubtedly grown and we have won business off the back of the activity. Being able to call upon OCD Marketing’s extensive experience is a huge benefit.”

Patrick Tame, Beringer Tame, CEO

Introducing Marketing-as-a-Service

OCD Marketing is a new breed of marketing agency, supporting growing businesses. Our unique Marketing-as-a-Service delivers complete, bespoke marketing solutions for start-ups, SMBs and mid-market companies.

OCD’s Marketing-as-a-Service offers companies the breadth, flexibility and cost effectiveness that up until now has been albeit impossible to achieve.

“Having OCD Marketing on hand to help with strategy, team development and execution provides us with complete peace of mind without the usual agency costs. We can focus our budget where it is needed most, lead generation and business growth.”

Andy Burton, Tryzens, CEO

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