Introducing a new approach. Marketing-as-a-Service

What is “as-a-service” In recent years, the IT industry, has been moving to an “as-a- service” model. Companies paying for their IT in much the same way as they pay for their mobile phones and utilities. A company pays for what it uses and can scale as required, hence becoming more agile and cost effective cost. This got[…]

Gender battle

Gender, make your argument don’t create an excuse

A couple of months back I read an article about power posing, donning your “CEO”. A compelling article that debated the theory that “power posing” helps you to believe and deliver. Everything was going well until halfway through when it took a turn for the worse. It turned to gender. “Women start at a disadvantage…” So[…]

Recruiting your prefect marketer

Recruiting your perfect marketer

In previous blogs I have talked about the importance of being both creative and analytical in marketing, not easy. Recruiting the perfect marketer or more importantly your perfect marketer isn’t easy either but when you find him or her it can transform your business. So how do you spot the perfect marketer? Here are my top[…]