The Power of one Step

Groundhog day

Over the last few weeks my days have felt like I’m taking one step forward and one step back. One of those times when making even the smallest progress feels like a big win but most days you wake up wondering what new challenges (read problems) are going to be uncovered today.

During this time, I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated. Not just with the lack of progress but the fact I know I could wake up and my previous day is now seemingly pointless, what I thought I’d solved is anything but. We all know that there are days when you feel like you are walking through treacle and you know that there is no quick escape, the only way is forward.

Now I am a born problem solver so I relish this at times. However, groundhog days I’m not good with and I get frustrated. But last week I was reminded of a what I used to say. And I am taking my own advice.

The power of one step

In a previous role my team had a prolonged period of being presented with new and pretty overwhelming challenges. It was a period of great change for the whole company as our parent organisation began transitioning into a new way of working.

At this time we had a new, ground breaking campaign that we knew would be a positive step change for the industry. However, before we could launch the campaign a new approval process was implemented. Our parent company was uncomfortable with taking such risk so each day it looked less and less likely that it would see the light of day. There was nothing we could have done to predict this, it was the perfect storm. Just as we thought we were making progress something changed and our brave endeavours were thwarted (well that is how it felt). My team were growing increasingly frustrated and started to think we should give up. My response remained the same. “We forge on, we adapt to the new information and we keep putting one foot in front of the other, together.”

Now this might sound trite but it worked. The visual image of us locking arms and forging ahead together was powerful, powerful enough to encourage us to knock through some pretty significant walls and jump over some pretty big hurdles. And we did it together.

So this week I have taken my own advice. I have solved each problem as it has arisen and kept putting one foot in front of the other. At times it has been a tip toe but nonetheless it has been progress.

Keep the faith

And I finish the week completing two key projects that this time last week looked like they’d be with me forever. So what is the point of this blog?

Simple, it is about finding the energy in those tough moments to keep going. It isn’t just about batting the issues away as they are thrown at you. It is about recognising the progress you have made. Because simply acknowledging this gives us the energy and determination to keep forging ahead. So I leave you with wise words from the rock god himself…

“You know you’re gonna live thru the rain. Lord you got to keep the faith. Don’t let your love turn to hate. Right now we got to keep the faith.”
Bon Jovi

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