Introducing a new approach. Marketing-as-a-Service

What is “as-a-service” In recent years, the IT industry, has been moving to an “as-a- service” model. Companies paying for their IT in much the same way as they pay for their mobile phones and utilities. A company pays for what it uses and can scale as required, hence becoming more agile and cost effective cost. This got[…]

Recruiting your prefect marketer

Recruiting your perfect marketer

In previous blogs I have talked about the importance of being both creative and analytical in marketing, not easy. Recruiting the perfect marketer or more importantly your perfect marketer isn’t easy either but when you find him or her it can transform your business. So how do you spot the perfect marketer? Here are my top[…]

The Power of one Step

Groundhog day Over the last few weeks my days have felt like I’m taking one step forward and one step back. One of those times when making even the smallest progress feels like a big win but most days you wake up wondering what new challenges (read problems) are going to be uncovered today. During this time, I[…]

Marketing Superheroes

The changing face of marketing

The economic ripple effect The latest world recession has made us all more aware and critical of certain sectors. The most obvious one being finance. But where else are we seeing or feeling the ripple effect? Has Marketing been affected? We are hearing more about how UK companies will have to work harder than ever to remain[…]

Marketing - Friend or Foe

Marketing – friend or foe?

Fans of 2012 and W1A will remember Perfect Curve, a parody of marketing & PR agencies. And who could forget Siobhan Sharpe’s continual and unintentional one liners. “If we get bandwidth on this…you’ve got maple syrup on your waffle from the get go.” Siobhan Sharpe, Perfect Curve, W1A For those of us in marketing we[…]