"OCD Marketing offers us the agility, cost effective and risk free approach we need. They enable us to maintain our marketing presence and drive market penetration as required, we are in complete control. Our market awareness has undoubtedly grown and we have won business off the back of the activity. Being able to call upon OCD Marketing’s extensive experience is a huge benefit."
— Patrick Tame, CEO

About Beringer Tame

Beringer Tame has over 10 years of experience in digital recruitment. It is trusted by the UK’s largest brands including Sweaty Betty, Hilton and the BBC to build high performing digital teams. Working alongside its sister brand Hannington Tame, Beringer Tame fills vacancies from junior to executive roles.

Beringer Tame believes that true talent acquisition and recruitment is about a lot more than matching CVs and job specs. It has a reputation for identifying talent and helping its clients hire the best people, who without Beringer Tame may have slipped through the net.

The Brief

Beringer Tame had a small marketing budget and had been investing mainly in search marketing. In order to help grow the business it needed to review and formalise its marketing strategy as well as improving trackability and performance reporting.

Patrick Tame the CEO also recognised that the Marketing Executive would require coaching and mentoring support to help her develop and meet future expectations.

The consultancy, training and any additional marketing activity needed to be delivered with only a minimal increase in marketing budget.

The Solution

OCD Marketing delivered a tailored programme for Beringer Tame that would meet their specific requirements. Beringer Tame needed to own and deliver the strategy and as such were heavily involved in creating the plan. OCD Marketing carried out an analysis of the current activity and then facilitated a workshop to agree the priorities, strategy and timeline.

OCD Marketing supported the Marketing Executive in delivering the plan, meeting every quarter to review progress and adapt activity accordingly. Beringer Tame received coaching and training throughout the process thereby empowering them to become more self-reliant in delivering the marketing activity. This meant that the marketing budget was focused on the areas that were driving tangible results as well as supporting their strategic requirements.

All elements were documented and templated, creating a blueprint for future planning and performance management.

Beringer Tame can now call upon OCD Marketing to advise at a strategic level and manage the delivering internally, calling upon OCD Marketing’s training and coaching services as and when required.